Promotional Chlamydia Pants
Promotional Chlamydia Pants

Producing Sexual Health Campaigns Nationally....Get Out There and Get Noticed!

To enable any programme to promote itself effectively, it requires a strong logo/identity. Edge can provide you with programme name suggestions and a logo which will be able to be used across any promotion to get you ‘out there and noticed’.

Campaign Ideas, Promotions and Design

A memorable campaign when promoting your programme is a must and our experience of advertising and marketing spans across a variety of promotions ranging from newspaper advertisements to bus and taxi wraps. Our services include:




Campaign Websites

my surgery websiteA good programme will have access for people via a number of different channels. A website is a fantastic tool for the 15-25 age group as it allows confidential and constant access to information regarding screening sites, times and specific questions and answers that may not be readily available otherwise. A suggested format for your site may comprise:




pee n revealPee ‘n’ Reveal and Warm ‘n’ Reveal

New technology has meant that we can now produce special promotions which are heat sensitive. Our latest promotion is a ‘urinal’ sticker which can be placed into the base of a urinal as a target for men to pee onto. The black printed area in the centre of the sticker is warmth sensitive and magically disappears to reveal an image or message. On cooling the black reappears ready for the next person to use.

We all know that ladies have a tendency to ‘hover’ when they go to a public toilet, with this inmind we have also applied this warmth technology to the female market by producing ‘hand shaped’ stickers which can be stuck to either side of a toilet cubicle. On placing a hand onto the sticker the black ink disappears to reveal an image/message and then covers over again on cooling. Don’t miss out, be one of the first programmes in the country to use this method of getting across your message in a truly noticeable way.





Sexual Health CampaignsPants giveaways

Introducing the latest campaign which is already proving to be a success. Sexy Limited Edition Boxer Style Male and Female Pants . Given to anyone taking a test – not a freebie giveaway!

Costs are as follows:

Minimum order is 2,000 pieces (ie 2,000 off male or Female / 1,000 off each kind). Exclusive of VAT. We have also produced matching banner stands and other promotional materials to co-ordinate with the campaign. See our colour chart here.


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