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Monthly HTML Email Newsletters

Design and construct a HTML Email template comprising text and graphics to complement the an individuals corporate identity. The HTML Email template would be adapted for each e-newsletter release with imagery and text, but it is assumed that the general layout would remain in line with the template. e-newsletters would be distributed to the mailing list via our specialist mailing list software which allows for spam free distribution, provision of text only content, and post release analysis. In addition, links to web based versions of the e-newsletters is possible allowing an archive of newsletters to be built up which can then be referenced to from other media sources.

Email advertisingPhase 1 Scope:

Usage of the mailing system to distribute emails is chargeable by annual subscription and starts from £50.00 plus VAT (500 emails per month limit). A definitive costing for this service can be provided once the latter is known. If the number of mailing list subscribers or frequency of e-newsletters increases during the 12 month subscription period, the package can be upgraded pro-rata to accommodate for this.


Phase 2 Scope (for each release):

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